Finally, our stock of JuJu Feather hats has arrived following their journey from the Bamilieke villages of the Cameroon Grassland to the door of our Melbourne warehouse and yes, we have plenty of natural white ones!

Forget paying AUS$700.00 each for one. You may purchase a JuJu Feather Hat from the African Origins website for just AUS$430.00! Pay via Paypal and we’ll ship your hat the same day you pay and email the tracking number.

Go directly to our Juju Feather hat area of the African Origins website by clicking here: http://www.africanorigins.com.au/juju-feather-hats/

Available Now!

Available Now!

These hats are the best we have seen and we personally selected each one, ensuring they were plush and full of feathers, opened easily and opened flat and above all, the feathers were in good condition and hadn’t been attacked by insects.

Here's Lily posing with one fresh off the ship!

Here’s Lily posing with one fresh off the ship!

Known in the west as Juju hats, the headdress is made of dyed chicken feathers hand stitched into a raffia basket, and ingeniously folds into itself for easy transportation from ceremony to ceremony – or to your front door! We love how intensely coloured these Bamileke headdresses are, and how their rotund organic shape adds an exotic far-flung glamour to even the smallest space.
They are truly remarkable, and ever-so eco, in that they promote fair trade, use only organic dyes, support indigenous lifestyles in Africa and utilise every part of a domestic product important in the every day food chain.
All the way from the Cameroon grasslands, the striking Bamileke feather headdress is handmade by the Bamileke people of the region and traditionally worn by royal dancers during ceremonies held by the Chief as they symbolise prosperity, freedom and beauty.
Stunning Turquoise!

Stunning Turquoise!

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