Have you visited the new African Origins store yet? We are adding new stock every day and have many new and interesting pieces of African tribal art for sale online.

Click here to visit us today, we’d love to see you: www.africanorigins.com.au

Our warehouse based in Melbourne, Australia has been receiving a lot of new stock recently, almost on a daily basis, and we are uploading it to the African Origins store as quickly as possible. If you are looking for a specific African art object specifically which you cannot locate on the African Origins website, please go to our contacts page and drop me a line.

African Origins_African Art Online_Melbourne_Australia-49

A Stunning Benin Royal Bronze Head from Ife in Nigeria

New at African Origins are some beautiful bronzes from the master casters of the town of Ife in Nigeria. Using an ancient process of casting known as the ‘lost wax’ method, an impression of the head is made in wax and then coated in clay. When the molten bronze is poured, the wax is dissolved and the bronze fills the shape of the impression and hardens. The ‘lost wax’ method of casting has been practiced in Ife for at least one thousand years, the skills required being passed down from father to son across the generations.

Recently unpacked in African Origins Melbourne warehouse is an amazing collection of maternity figures from the Congo. Purchased by a resident of Cape Town whilst working in Kinshasa during the early 1970’s, these statues come from the Bakongo or Kongo people and always depict a mother and child that represents an ancestor. Maternity Figures are used in the rites associated with fertility and child birth and were made by several different tribes from all over Africa.

African Origins_African Art Online_Melbourne_Australia-100

A Beautiful Bakongo Maternity Figure

Did you know that African Origins sells and ships African tribal art worldwide? We have customers all over the world and regularly ship African art pieces from our Melbourne, Australia warehouse to Britain, France, the U.S.A. and even Iceland.

If you would like to stay in touch, please follow the African Origins blog. We have some exciting things coming up including a world exclusive release of stunning posters from photographer, Christopher Rimmer’s critically acclaimed 2011 exhibition, ‘In Africa.’ These huge black & white posters feature the wild life and the last tribes of Africa and are a sight to behold.


Lion at Etosha Pan, Namibia by Christopher Rimmer

We also have a full range of glass beaded sculpture from the Cape Town crafters of Monkeybiz. We are busy photographing each one from five different angles and will have them up in the African Origins store for purchase online shortly.

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Quirky and Delightful African Sculpture from Monkeybiz in Cape Town

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