All things African! Origin African is an Australian based online store which sells fine African tribal art as well as South African arts & crafts, fine art photography and books.

In the tribal art area of our website, you will find African masks from all over the continent plus African sculpture both antique and modern. The domestic artefacts area boasts and fascinating collection of objects used on a daily basis in the African home. We also have religious and spiritual objects like fetishes, antique Coptic pieces and ancestral figures.

Origin African also has a large collection of African arts & crafts. South Africa is well known for its wonderful arts and crafts where skilled crafters use glass beads and wire as well as re-cycled refuse to make a dazzling array of objects in a kaleidoscope of colour. We are constantly searching Africa for interesting objects and curiosities so if you are like us and love all things African, please bookmark this site and visit are shop by clicking here: www.africanorigins.com.au


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